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NANOSCALE DEVICES Online LecturesLectured by Prof. Seunghun Hong

Online Nanoscale Device Class

  • This course offer video lectures. Everyone can show video lectures at anytime.
  • Course Description: This course will provide a general overview about basic theory for conventional CMOS devices, limitation of conventional electronics, new nanoelectronic materials, and basic theory for nanoscale devices.
Tentative Lecture Plan & Lecture Notes
Week 01 1) Introduction 2) Semiconductor Basics
Week 02 1) PN Junction 2) MS Junction and Bipolar Transistors
Week 03 1) MOS Capacitors and Thin Film Devices 2) MOS FET
Week 04 1) CMOS Basics 2) Microfabrication and VLSI Design
Week 05 1) Limitation of Microfabrication 2) Limitation of Circuit Theory
Week 06 1) Nanoparticles 2) Carbon Nanotubes
Week 07 1) Nanowires 2) Electron Tunneling and Field Emission
Week 08 1) Single Electron Tunneling 2) Ballistic Conduction I
Week 09 1) Ballistic Conduction II 2) Ballistic Conductor III and Quantum Capacitor
Week 10 1) Ballistic Transistors 2) Introduction to Molecular Electronics
Week 11 1) Advanced Molecular Electronics Theory 2) Nanodevice Modeling I (Ballistic Channel)
Week 12 1) Nanodevice Modeling II (Molec. Elec.) 2) Summary and Sum Fun
  1. Quantum Mechanics: "양자역학" by 송희성
  2. Solid State Physics: "Solid State Physics" by Aschcroft and Mermin
  3. Conventional CMOS:
    • "Semiconductor Fundamentals" by R. F. Pierret (Modular Series on Solid State Devices, vol 1)
    • "The PN Junction Diode" by G. W. Neudeck (Modular Series on Solid State Devices, vol 2)
    • "Field Effect Devices" by R. F. Pierret (Modular Series on Solid State Devices, vol 4)
    • "Physics of Semiconductor Devices" by Sze
  4. Nanomaterials: journals and review papers
  5. Nanoscale Devices: journals and review papers
  6. "NanoCAD를 이용한 반도체 소자" by 박영준, 민홍식, 신형철, 박병국